Cannabis and Drug Rehab Treatment

Cut, dried, rolled into cigarettes or inserted into food and beverages- these are the things you can do on the leaves of the cannabis or hemp plant. In North America, the result is known as marijuana, pot, grass, reefer, and Mary Jane. It has its own name in South America as macohna, in North Africa as kif, in Jamaica as ganja, in India as bhang, and in South Africa as dagga. In the whole world, this is the substance that is most widely used. Hashish is dried resin extract from the cannabis plant, sold in cubes in America.

In the United States, cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug. Every month, it is reported thata round one-third of the population has used cannabis. Teenagers are particularly serious users of marijuana, with about 50 percent of 12th graders saying they have used it at sometime in their lives and about 22 percent reporting using it in the past month. The use of Cannabis has increased in recent years, and the potency of cannabis has become as greater as well. About 7 percent of the population would qualify for a diagnosis of cannabis abuse; and two to three percent of the population would qualify for a diagnosis of cannabis dependence.

If taken orally, the symptoms of cannabis intoxication would develop for a few hours while if smoked, the symptoms would develop within minutes. The acute symptoms last three to four hours, but some symptoms may linger or recur for twelve to twenty four hours. Intoxication with cannabis usually begins with a “high” feeling of well-being, relaxation, and tranquility. A feeling of dizziness, sleepiness, or dreaminess is usually felt by the user. They may become more aware of their environments, and everything may seem funny. Getting grandiose or lethargic can also happen. Under the influence of cannabis, people who are very anxious angry, or depressed may heighten their feelings.

Despite being an illegal drug, cannabis use is growing. Since teenagers are the popular users of cannabis, this fact can be very dangerous. Cannabis use must necessarily be stopped. The United States government has passed laws in order for this illegal drug to be stopped in production and utilization. Still, cannabis sue and production continues to thrive. One of the best ways to get out form the situation of cannabis addiction is through getting a drug rehab treatment.

There are many ways on how drug rehab treatment can help people who are into cannabis addiction or any kind of addiction. Behavioral therapy and medication usually comprises a drug rehab treatment. Behavioral therapy and medication are very important elements to ensure successful recovery. Detoxification, treatment, and relapse prevention are the major steps that makes drug rehab treatment effective. These processes can be done inside a rehab treatment center or within the comforts of one’s own home. The location for drug rehab treatment can have its own advantages and disadvantages. Yet, getting better from drug addiction is dependent upon the drug addicted individual.

Drug addiction can be very dangerous that is why drug rehab treatment is very important.

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