Does methadone mean you are still using?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid medication that is employed as an analgesic to treat moderate to severe discomfort, and fairly generally being an opioid replacement drug. What a lot of people dont realize is that quitting drugs cold turkey (just stopping suddenly) may be unbearably painful . dangerous and even. The danger isnt the indications of the withdrawal period could include heart attack or stroke, as it pertains to opioid medications for example morphine and heroin, but there are other risks. Individuals that are detoxing from such opioids regularly become so depressed they may commit suicide, or perhaps relapse. Methadone can help with the prevention of these eventualities.

Methadone is synthetic, therefore it is not an opioid drug. Yet, it will influence the neurochemistry in the mind in similar methods to opioid drugs. Methadone works on the opioid receptors in the brain and depresses the central nervous system in a way that other opioid medicines do. That is why, this is a great replacement drug. A person could start taking methadone and stop using heroin or morphine. The body will continue to clear out the opioid substances but the revulsion symptoms won’t be as powerful as the methadone provides similar effects that body craves.

With methadone, a lot of individuals have the ability to actually rid themselves of an opiate dependency without feeling many of the undesirable health effects that might easily be felt in that method. However, now the individual was using methadone, another drug which is similar to opiates, and it’s possible to become hooked on this drug as well. Seeing as methadone can lead to addiction and does come with its risks, many of us often wonder: does methadone mean you are still using?

Its easy to see why it is a concern. Does methadone mean you’re stilling using, if you are using the same medication to opioids? This is definitely a tricky question. The simple truth is that you are not using opioid drugs and are no longer physically addicted to them. However in case you are using methadone you’re still using a drug compound that you’re still relying on as a way not to suffer from any negative effects.

Even though you aren’t using opiates, you are still using a medication. The greatest aim of treatment is really to eliminate the need to use drugs; methadone is no exception. Methadone is a good replacement drug, when implemented the way methadone is intended to be used, and then tapered off.

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