Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between eating disorders along with abusing drugs. These kinds of scientific studies additionally demonstrate that those people suffering from extreme cases involving eating disorders also can turn to abusing drugs to help maintain their particular eating disorder. As an example, take an anorexic female who is combating image issues. Consuming stimulants including cocaine can keep the woman’s pounds off due to the fact one of many unintended side effects of cocaine can be weight reduction.

Due to the fact eating disorders are a mental health ailment, people who have problems with eating disorders along with drug addictions should be treated for the two ailments at the same time. There is not any clear design on the subject of the particular problems and resulting addictions. The habit can be a result of a ailment or the opposite way round. It really is up to the specialist to choose the best approach for an individual with co-occurring disorders. Dealing with both health problems concurrently is called dual diagnosis.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for psychiatrists to miss the link regarding the eating disorders plus drug use. If the association seriously isn’t diagnosed, the individual will likely be treated for one ailment but not the additional. When this predicament happens, it is very feasible for the client to relapse after treatment pertaining to just one illness is completed. Luckily for us, more consciousness is being exposed to the populace regarding the perils of eating disorders plus the addictive problems that will follow subsequently. Even so, as long as the media shows beauty for being at the very least 5’7 and less than one hundred fifteen pounds, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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