Road to Recovery: Slash & Iggy Pop’s Sobering Message

Slash & Iggy Pop two legends in the music world have made the decision to pair up with other rock gods to begin a foundation called the Road to Recovery. This foundation was developed to teach the youngsters in the U.S. and to make them realize that they can enjoy life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol use throughout the U.S. has turned into a fact of life for several teens. Classes have been created by the foundation to allow any very young recovering addicts to enjoy life and have first hand experience with the musicians themselves through vocal groups and concerts. While the message is strong it’s a hard road back for an individual with such an addiction. These groups show the youngsters that being a musician and remaining sober can make a person happy. The message is strong but getting rid of the old image of drugs and alcohol is quite a goal for the musicians.

You’re Not Alone

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