TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Almost never will there be actually just about any truths driving the glamorization of teenage drinking alcohol, still lots of shows on tv fail to demonstrate the actual disastrous fact of the trend. Glee is a newest show on tv to reflect teenager drinking and confound the tv audiences. Is young adults consuming alcohol thrilling or hazardous?

The episode “blame it on the alcohol” could have been performed better. Yes, it is just a reality that teenagers ingest and of course, it is a actuality that young adults cease to live because of most of these decisions. Nevertheless, rather than representing youngster drinking as a fun action, writers need to take responsibility to the tv audiences they are very likely to influence. Although the show did incorporate designated drivers within the episode, the actual dangers of youngster consuming weren’t emphasised. Young adults which view drinking as being a enjoyable activity, might think that once they employ a designated driver attempting to engage in alcohol will not carry them any kind of problems. I would like to view additional fact and much less glamorization from programs that are bound to have a very direct affect today’s youth.

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